How to Make Your Mornings Easier with a 3-ingredient Breakfast Burrito

Mornings are tough. At least for me. Here’s one thing that has helped to make it a little easier.


Without fail, every morning I hit the snooze button (at least twice) before I drag myself out of bed, get myself ready, tag-team getting the kids ready with my husband, kiss him goodbye, then I’m running out the door with the kids to make it to school on time. Daycare provides my kids a healthy breakfast (thankfully!) but then I’m left to try to find myself something (somewhat) healthy to kickstart my day. I don’t have the patience to cook a big healthy breakfast if it’s just for me, so this is the perfect alternative!

Now, this does require pre-work. I usually take an hour a week to prepare 12-20 breakfast burritos. Then when I want one, I take it out of the freezer, heat it up for 30-60 seconds, and enjoy– all in less than 5 minutes!

Another reason we love these breakfast burritos is you can enjoy them at home or grab it on the way out the door and it’s still frozen by the time you get to the office.

The three-ingredient breakfast burrito instructions


  1. Lay out 6-10″ slips of aluminum foil
  2. Place 1 tortilla on each foil slip. I use regular size tortillas to eliminate the extra carbs from the larger/burrito size tortillas
  3. Cook eggs, add to tortilla
  4. Cook sausage, add to tortilla
  5. Add salsa to tortilla
  6. Wrap tortilla into a burrito. This can be tricky if you’re using regular size tortillas… see my video below for help
  7. Wrap in foil
  8. Place in freezer

Get creative and add cheese, mushrooms, or anything else! I’d love to hear of other ingredients you’ve tried and enjoyed!

From start to finish this takes me less than an hour to cook and wrap all of them. By the next day they’re ready to grab, heat, and eat!

How I wrap my tortilla to complete the breakfast burrito: