How to plan a perfect Cinco de Mayo fiesta

Margaritas. Nachos. Friends. Sombreros.

What’s not to love about Cinco de Mayo?!?

We throw a fiesta each year to avoid the crowds at local Mexican restaurants so I thought it was only appropriate to document everything this year and share with fellow party planners (pro and amateur)! Enjoy!

  • Plan your party and be prepared to re-plan because we all know nothing goes perfectly the first time.
    • Start thinking through your party details early including¬†the day and time of event and what all you want included. This year I decided to provide all food and drinks and just asked friends to show up and have a good time. I’m usually stressed out by the time party starts because everything isn’t in it’s place (yes, I’m that OCD) and then when people bring their designated items I have to (or rather, like to) find a dish to put it in and find the right spot on the table for it. So this year I’m handling it all in advance so when people arrive I can drink my margarita and actually enjoy the party with friends.
    • Have a plan B for weather. We finished our patio project earlier this year and I’ve been waiting to host a party on it to celebrate! But of course it’s going to be 50 and rainy on Cinco de Mayo when only one week ago it was sunny and 80 by 9am! So plan accordingly and get creative with the space you have to keep people occupied (see engaging ideas below).
    • One to two days prior to the event day set everything out where you want it go. This allows you to visualize the space you have (or lack of) so you can replan or reorganize or even see what you may be missing. I usually set out empty bowls and pitchers with little pieces of paper noting what they’ll contain. My husband gets annoyed every time I do this because it looks cluttered when all the bowls are empty, but I remind him it’s only going to be out another 24 hours and through the event, and really, just get over it ūüôā
    • Let friends¬†help if they ask. I know I said above that I told everyone not to bring something but sometimes friends really feel better helping. So if they offer, suggest something small they can do that’s convenient for you both. One of my friends really wanted to bring juice boxes for the kids so I asked her to drop them off the night before so I had them on hand and could put them out when I was ready to, on my own time. Another friend had supplies I needed to complete the DIY photo booth backdrop so I suggested she bring those earlier in the week. Another friend was home during the day and offered to help prepare the food the day of which was a huge help to me to have another set of hands. If no one offers, that’s perfectly fine, just keep in mind that people ask to help for a reason and you’re allowed to take advantage of it!
  • Keep people engaged and give them something fun to do while waiting for the food line to shorten. And give the kids something fun to occupy their time other¬†than¬†destroying your playroom. Especially if the weather is not cooperating for an outside fiesta.

Photo Booth


$10 DIY festive backdrop

Chalk board designed by Chalk It Up Occasions


Small sombreros


Large sombrero

Kids activity: Make Your Own Maraca table

Version 2

Kids activity: Coloring Stations

Using butcher paper, cover a table (or makeshift table with cinder blocks and a piece of wood) and let the kids go to down all over it. When they’re done, apply another layer of butcher paper or rip off and throw away.

Another quick and easy coloring station idea is to print black and white copies of pictures and let the kids color them in. Google “black and white coloring maracas” or something similar, select a free image, and print!


  • Prepare tasty¬†and¬†creative¬†finger food so people are satisfied¬†but don’t require a table and chair to finish their plate. This save so much space in your house and eliminates the need for additional plates and cutlery. Plus, with finger foods, people can quickly fill their plate then leave the kitchen to keep the line flowing.
  • Serve a few different drinks people can grab and¬†enjoy

I hope this works for you as well as it does for me! Head over to my Cinco de Mayo Pinterest board for more ideas!



How to Make a Festive Photo Booth Backdrop

For less than $10 and only about an hour of out my day, I made this festive photo booth backdrop for my upcoming Cinco De Mayo fiesta! I would say I can’t even explain how easy this was to make, but actually I can! So, here you go!


  • Six white poster boards- Dollar Tree– $3.00¬†(.50 cents each)
    • I used 6 poster boards to make my backdrop 44.5 inch x 78 in (~3.5ft x 6.5ft)
  • American Greetings¬†tissue paper, multi-color 40 count- Walmart– $3.98
    • I used 27 pieces of tissue paper: 3 pieces of each color per row, 9 rows total
  • Scotch Shipping Tape- Walmart– 2.88
    • I used 95% of a fresh roll of tape
  • Scissors- already had at home– $0



1) Tape the poster boards together.

Tip:¬†Be sure put¬†all the price tags on the same side so they don’t show through¬†your fringe tissue paper

Tip: I layered the poster boards slightly so I could fit exactly three pieces of tissue paper per row to avoid having to cut a forth piece to cover all the white on the poster board. I did this by laying out three pieces of tissue paper folded length ways across the poster boards then layer the posters to fit perfectly


2) Fold each piece of tissue paper length ways then lay out the order in which you want them to appear on your poster board.

This will also help you determine how many pieces you need to cut to cover the white poster boards. You can use any color, any order of your choosing

3) Cut 1-inch strips on the folded tissue paper leaving 2-3 inches at the top uncut.

Tip: Use paper weights to hold down the paper to make it easier and quicker to cut. My friends Pappy and Willett were very helpful ūüôā


Tip: Place your tape measure at the top of the tissue paper so you don’t have to keep remeasuring


Tip: I got bored cutting each paper one by one so I used little clothes pins to hold all the tissue paper together so I could cut all pieces at the same time. This was by far the most time efficient. I was careful enough to make sure all the pieces of tissue paper were aligned appropriately so the strips (fringe) were about the same width


4) Tape fringe tissue paper to poster board one row at a time starting at the bottom. Repeat until complete.

Tip: Tape one piece of tissue paper at a time then add the next piece of that row to ensure it’s all even. Repeat.

Tip: Leave 4-5 inches of “fringe” showing per color


Tip: I taped the top layer by folding the tape over the top of the poster board


Viola! You have your very own festive photo booth backdrop!¬†I’d love to see your creations. Tag @BubblesAndDenim on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!


BONUS TIP: Use 3M wall hooks to hang the backdrop rather than push pins or tape to avoid holes or ripped paint off the wall. With a hole punch I made two holes on the top left overlapping one another to make it big enough for the hook and did the same thing on the right side. Follow the 3M instructions to attach the hooks to the wall.

Kid Craft: Make Your Own Maracas!

Cinco de Mayo is possibly my favorite holiday of the year. You can’t go wrong with margaritas and tacos. Really.

For the past few years we’ve hosted a party at our house on May 5th because our favorite Mexican restaurant, Acapulco, is always slammed much more than their typical busy night. So to avoid the hassle, we have our friends over for a fiesta!

Today, the weather¬†is perfect, 75 and sunny. In three days, on May 5th, it will be 53 and rainy. WTF, right? So that means moving 50+ kids and all the adults inside. Not cool. Rather than having all the rugrats tearing through the playroom, I’ve decided to make some fun distractions to keep them occupied. The funnest activity (in my opinion) is the MAKE YOUR OWN MARACAS table! It’s crazy simple, super cheap, and puts good use to the Easter eggs I’ve been holding on to for the past three week.


Version 2


  • empty plastic easter eggs
  • popcorn kernels, rice, or aquarium rocks
  • plastic spoons
  • masking tape (you can also use decorated tape to eliminate coloring the plain tape)
  • markers
  • optional: containers to put each of the above in


  • Step 1: Pick your egg
  • Step 2: Fill your egg with a few rocks (it does not take many)
  • Step 3: Pick two spoons and place the egg (filled with rocks) between them
  • Step 4: Wrap your egg and spoons with tape
  • Step 5: Decorate your maraca!
    • TIP: washable markers wipe off easily. I suggest using fine-tip dry erase markers or sharpies